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Why We Use WordPress

  • Price – WordPress is free. Need I say more?
  • Simplicity – WordPress is one of the easiest content management systems (CMS) available. You can have a basic website up and running within hours.
  • Versatility – If you have an idea, chances are, WordPress can handle it. Though it may have started out as a blogging system, many in-depth websites now run on WordPress.
  • Community – The WordPress community is comprised of hundreds of people devoted to helping your ideas take shape.
  • Quotes & What We Take Into Consideration:

  • Your budget – While we will try to work within your budget, this is not always possible.
  • Your deadline – Rush jobs obviously add to the stress levels & daily hours.
  • How much custom work will need to be done – If your project is an extensive site that needs plugins that aren’t readily available, the job will take longer.
  • Your attitude towards your own project – We don’t like “Yeah. Whatever” attitudes. We prefer to work with people who are excited about their ideas.
  • Your attitude towards our staff. – We’ve given thousand dollar discounts to customers who came back for additional work because we enjoyed having them as clients.
  • Do I Have To Use WordPress?

    We obviously prefer that WordPress be implemented. However, it’s not always necessary. If your goal is a simple 2 or 3 page website with information that doesn’t change, you may opt to not use WordPress. An example would be a site that simply states your business hours and a way for customers to contact you.

    Do You Do Modifications To Other People’s Themes?

    While we are willing to modify free and premium themes from other designers, we refuse to remove their copyrights for you. We also reserve the right to add “Modified by WP Specialists” in the footer of your theme.

    Normal Pricing

    We honestly don’t have a price scale set in stone. Every project and every client is different. Therefore, our prices from project to project vary greatly.

    We’ve worked on thousand dollar projects that took months to complete. On that same note, we’ve also helped with 3 and 4 hour projects where we asked that the clients send what seemed fair to them.

    We’re not a huge corporation filled with people in cubicles who are banging away at their keyboards. Our goal is never just to finish a site. We enjoy the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. If our work results in a completed site and happy client, we failed at our job. The end result should always be a great site and a thrilled client. We’d be nowhere without our referrals and repeat customers.

    Why does the WP Specialists site look so boring?

    Do you know how hard it is to get a mechanic to work on his own car? You can apply the same principal here. We’re so busy working on our clients’ sites that it’s hard to fit in the time to work on our own. Also, because 100% of our clients come from referrals, we mainly use our site for quote requests and invoicing, not marketing our services.

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